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Corporate Culture Change, New Technology Development and Collaboration Integration

Steven passionately believes that we are able to create amazing future technologies and tools from and for the spirit of humanity.

Steven creates environments for collaboration, and implements the resources for organizations to meet their desired goals. Instrumental in delivering collaboration tools, innovation and inspiration, Steven improves upon organizational function, and shifts dysfunction into functional forms of interaction. Steven ushers in the resources that people need to be their best at their work and passions, helping people become what they have the potential to become with the hand of a management team that knows how to manage. With his knowledge of the creation process, Steven’s support, strategy tools, business culture and technology industry has inspired many groups to become more efficient in development and inspired to create.

Steven is inspired by creativity and promotes it every step of the way. He sees ideas for positive futures and runs with them.

Having been a CTO, CEO, Senior Partner, Contractor and Advisor for Fortune 500 companies and startups, Steven has many abilities in the business world and innovations of technology. He’s developed new technologies, escorted and developed collaboration tools within companies and across borders.

He works with teams of collaborators. He believes in the connection of the spirit of ideas together to form something different, unique and special that adds to the experience of what people really want.

Steven has a team of experts that you can pull from in redefining business goals, etc. He says, “We come in with very creative ideas around business, how to recognize what is special with that business or entity does, pull it out, find it’s position, business match, its niche. Very creatively defines a path that most of the people don’t see. We come in with some wild suggestions.” Each solutions requires different specialties — Steven reaches out to unique artists and technicians in that area to make a product, a business or a strategy come to life.

Steven is not a one solution all person, not a one trick pony, he likes to come in and look uniquely at the constraints and opportunities of what people have and fashion a team that really can make a buzz.

“There is no room for lacking belief in what we are making as human beings.”

~Steven Weissberg


Technology and Business Innovator

Communicate, Motivate, Innovate, Instigate, Develop, Produce

Social Network, Business and Technology Strategist

Concept Driver and Deliverer

Product to Target Audience Director

Team Modeling, Enabling and Collaboration Specialist

Up-to-date on business and technology trends, Steven’s visionary and results driven creations

come to point, the mark of a new era. His hands on approach bridges multiple project needs in local

and international teams of 8 – 53 people. He optimizes product development, delivery, testing, new

services and process within the operating budget for a team comprised of professional designers and



• Analyze business process and risk • vendor selection • contract guidelines • adoption and

integration operations • Leadership • Policy • Vendor Selection & Management • Business Planning,

Roadmaps, Grants & Proposals • Technology & Identity Management • C-Level Experience •

• Social Networking, Mobile, Hardware/Software, Portals, Music Technology, Energy Sector, Medical,

eCommerce, Banking •

Areas of experience

Identity Management (Tivoli, LDAP), Application Servers (ATG, WebSphere, Bea Weblogic) Database

(Oracle 10G, SAP),Enterprise Architecture (Telelogic), Business Intelligence (Business Objects),

Networking (EMC, NetApp, Cisco), Content Management (Documentum), Virtual Environments

(VMWare), Collaboration (Sharepoint, Exchange, Lotus Notes)

Professional Experience

Sr. Manager • PG&E • Guide web, mobile and cloud to outcome Apr 2011 – present

Senior Partner • Saas Audit • Adopt & Integrate cloud services into product Jul 2008 – Apr 2011

Lead Innovator • Logitech • Innovate product and service design Jun 2003 – Jun 2008

Director of Web Development • MobileAria • Aug 2001 – Dec 2001

Chief Technical Officer • Sony eMarker.Com LLC (a subsidiary) • Mar 2000 – Mar 2001

INTEC Corporation • Network General • GAP • Oracle • Charles Schwab • HP


Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Peter F. Drucker

Projects 3

Setting the foundation for the Internet of Energy as Leader of

Delivered suites of high level worldwide enterprise applications as Intranet Architect & Global Manager

Innovated the future of music sales as Chief Technological Officer

Forged and Deployed the future of eCommerce as eCommerce lead

Architected and Developed Internet customer service for finance as Senior Application Architect & Development Team Manager

Guided companies in Cloud adoption as Consultant

Developed creative strategies for health tech start-up as Business Consultant

Defining the me on the internet as Concept and Business Developer

Developed applications for Partner Alliance program as Application Consultant

Redesigned collaborative network design as Lotus Notes Consultant

Refreshed collaborative systems solutions as Lotus Notes Consultant

Redesigned collaborative network design as Lotus Notes Consultant

Bringing print to digital processing

Defining the future of in car voice information systems as Development Team Manager and Service Architect

Architecting DIY health for Bio Hackers as Founder and creator of Business Strategy and Product design

Co-creating start up and consulting on building online businesses

Developed and deployed new internet search engine as Search Consultant


With 30 years experience Steven has helped many businesses from corporate to small businesses get of the ground and catalyze their works into motion. Steven has consulted with ___ and worked with ___ developing plans, asserting new technological and educational programs, and bringing teams together to collaborate efficiently. Steven is able to do this on the team level and the individual level. And he may call in colleagues in the specialized fields where needed to round out the business strategy and culminate a new design for businesses wanting to get off the ground.

Individual –

  • Business Strategy or Plan
    • table risks & rewards
    • collect information on assets, profile, make a workbook and show opportunities and options
    • what is your value system, your moral compass, what is purposefully you, what is core to what you want in your life
    • compromised or aligned, pivot point, what is your pivot point, i.e. money
    • use creative potential to make that work and make money
    • develop charter, simplify starting point and next steps
    • defining operations
    • focus is to have an actionable plan and get you started to have a little meat to it to sustain you and get it moving
    • analyzing ROI, total cost benefit, evaluate price on something and what kind of investments to grow on that
    • sell it make profit, something or nothing to put back in
    • marketing and sales
    • manufacturing
  • Identify Audience Targeting
  • Start up or Small Business
  • Life Coaching

Business –

  • Business Strategy

"Lead with your heart, not technology."

~Steven Weissberg


My interests are in the Health and Utility verticals. My inspirational and side projects are in the arena of bettering the world for the future of humanity, so that we may live a heartfelt and sustainable living. I enjoy helping people collaborate for efficiency and creating innovations that heal people simply, easily and reliably from the chaotic health issues and systems we see today. I believe that there are alternatives to the current system’s machination and that we as a people are sourcing the wave of the future. I enjoy being a part of that.

  • Karmaboom
  • Emotional Tagging
  • Story Location Tagging
  • Future Clothing
  • Biohealth
  • Internet of Energy

"The world is but a canvas to our imaginations."

Henry David Thoreau


steven at stevenweissberg dot com

+415 857 3331

San Francisco, California

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