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Messaging Systems and Collaborative Applications

At the beginning of Schwab doing online customer service, Steven set the foundation of a new online customer service system for Charles Schwab which enabled them to succeed with diverting transactions to an advanced online system from the StreetSmart package, call center and the internet. Building the backend from scratch, Steven removed a faulty online customer service architecture and replaced it with a rock solid architecture at Schwab. Charles Schwab’s StreetSmart product was at a critical stage, and they needed to give their customers and vendors a working service for their launch within two months. Within 6 weeks, Steven enabled Charles Schwab to go online with their brokerage activity in real time, by looking at team impact, figuring out workflow, defining policies and developing processes. He implemented a sophisticated system with real time analysis, search and dynamic routing of messages and issues; managers could edit and update rules and methods; and he made the system compliant with security and the FCC. Not only was the engine dynamic, it was based on content and the person using it.