:: Hewlett-Packard ::

:: ARCHITECT, Technical and Project lead ::

Collaborative Computing, Web App & eCommerce Architect

Chartered to work across the organization, Steven ensured the creation of eCommerce at HP. Steven occupied new eCommerce techniques on Hewlett-Packard’s consumer sites for the new world wide web of consumerism.

In the early 90’s Steve launched the use of collaborative computing internally for Hewlett-Packard. Steven architected, rolled out and operationalized the Lotus Notes platform for employees to keep track of and share information company wide. Steven discovered flow arrangements to improve workable data for Hewlett-Packard and Lotus Notes itself.

“Working with Hewlett Packard at the dawn of e-commerce and direct sales was compelling .” ~Steven Weissberg

Steven strategically engaged the internal flow of HP by managing the use of Lotus Notes throughout the company, and by instigating the use of eCommerce for their customer. He also oversaw several web applications.