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Intranet, Application Services, Email Messaging

“I am here to Innovate Enterprise Product and Service Design” ~Steven Weissberg

At Logitech, Steven innovated and implemented technologies for company wide and  international teams to easily and simply collaborate, cutting weeks out of work processes down to a couple days.  Working with key developers and several technologies, Steven brought cost effective collaboration to the digital work era of Logitech.  He brought digital processes to work flows and helped Logitech go paperless. Internally staking out enterprise standards, Steven removed micromanagement and helped make digital file cabinets and the click-of-an-approve-button determine the outcome of creations.

He activated worldwide team members by digitally connecting them to each other and with their requirements. With Logitech’s Product Life Cycle system, Steven improved the process from engineering to sales production with the development of a tool that correlated concept, design, product, engineering, management, scheduling, manufacturing, publishing, versioning, sales and language content so that products may be manufactured efficiently. He also developed a stealth application similar to Digg that aggregated thousands of bookmarked pages, views, content and databases with category and role so that managers may use the information for targeting.  He deployed enterprise search for Logitech and was responsible for Lotus Notes structure. In his time at Logitech 300 applications were updated and upgraded with his lead.

He improved work flow by giving tools to the divisions to aid their work together, bringing collaboration and efficiency to the forefront of the digital age.