:: Sony :: e-marker

:: Chief Technical Officer ::

Hardware Based Portal — iTunes before its time

Sony eMarker LLC, a subsidiary of Sony

While researching Hardware Based Portals, Steve was introduced to someone from SONY who wanted to develop music bookmarking on the Internet. A team was begun. With the Sony Design Center, Steven wrote a business plan, hired the team, and developed and designed a new technology — the Sony eMarker. Insert Sony eMarker selling CatchPhrase here. The Sony eMarker searched for music on the internet, identified it and gave the user the ability to buy it. The Sony eMarker was a innovative idea come to form in 2001.

“We had top designers from Sony designing hardware, user experience; we had development teams making the middleware and a veteran database agent doing the database work.” ~Steven Weissberg

With a 1% capacity rate, Steven found developers to do the work. In 9 months, Steven had a top-selling device on the market for Christmas with a fast interactive feel which was state of the art.  The Sony eMarker sold and obtained 30,000 devices and users that holiday season 2001.

With a cutting edge abilities Steven and team created a paradigm shift in the market of music over the internet.

Steven successfully developed and produced a music start up with hardware and software in the cloud based on an idea.